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Clothing storage ideas – By the time you bought 10 princess dress or set of knight armor for your imaginative children, you probably will be wondering where to store all these dress up clothes. Fortunately, it’s possible to get creative with storage to fit even large bunks of clothes and accessories into a children’s room or other suitable room in the house. You can often avoid pocket money also by recycling items you no longer use.

One problem a lot of parents find is that their children’s rooms are already fill to the break with furniture. And they just do not have room to install more storage options. One way to bypass this is the head under the bed, by investing in storage containers on wheels. You can save a number of items in each bin and then when the child wants to play with her dress up wardrobe, she can just roll out the storage bin from below the bed.

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Modified shelf clothing storage ideas, another solution for already packed kids’ rooms is to convert existing furniture into a storage option for your child’s dress up clothes. For example, you may find that you have a bookshelf that is only half full of books. You can use the extra shelves to wear dress up shoes, purses and other accessories. In addition, as the Chica and Jo craft blog suggests, you can remove all shelves in a bookcase to create a whole new storage space. Just add a voltage rod and you have an area that is suitable for hanging up major items including dresses, skirts and t-shirts. It is worth checking out your loft for old suitcases or traveling suitcases that your family no longer uses. Even broken suitcases can be useful as case does not need to close properly.

A suitcase stored horizontally, or even vertically. If you have pushed to the room, can easily hold many dress up clothes and it does not matter if things are not nicely placed back in the case after use. A suitcase can also be decorated with stickers and paint by you or your children, and may contain small spaces that can contain items such as wallets and jewelry. You can buy wall hooks clothing storage ideas from home ware stores and attach them within reach of your child. Wall hooks are useful when it comes to hanging certain dress up clothes like jackets and coats, or accessories like hats and scarves. You may potentially hang a few dots on each wall hook.Storage options for clothes,

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