Classic Yet Pretty Dining Room Chandelier

Ceiling Dining Room Chandelier

Widely reviled during the reign of minimalism, dining room chandelier are use frequently today in the decoration of all kinds of environments. And thanks to the current fusion of styles, which mixes an ethnic piece with an ultra- contemporary. A worn wood with a micro cement floor or a rustic table with a methacrylate chairs. The truth is that these types of lamps have made furor on the roofs of all kinds of houses. Although like every fashion that returns, it never does it as it use to. And that is why these ultra-classical environments are no longer carried out in the palace style where these lamps found their natural habitat.

Today the chandeliers are reinterpret in a more modern style . Or the same classic lamps of that time are use. But in contemporary or classic atmospheres renew, as we show in this post. The classic chandeliers usually have several arms or “tentacles”, imitating the legs of a spindle. Most of them incorporate rhinestones in a greater or lesser degree. And are usually in black or transparent color (the vivid colors are destine to the most modern versions). In addition, there are options with tulips that sift the light or without. And with candelabras seen or with light bulbs hide in the inner zone.

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In any case, these types of classic dining room chandelier give a certain prestancia to the environment in which they are place. That’s why they are use a lot in modern, contemporary and even minimalist interiors. Because it brings that distinguished touch that gives everything old. Like any hanging lamp, its natural location is on the dining table. Where they tend to look more than anywhere. But when they are large or elongate they also come in very well to decorate living rooms. Or living areas in rooms with very high ceilings, either lofts or more classic floors.

As more original options, classic chandeliers are especially curious decorating a hallway or bathroom decoration (especially above free baths). Although they are also widely use in bedrooms (on the bed or on the tables) and in the stairway decoration. They are less suitable on small floors or with low ceilings. Because these lamps are design to show off, and in small spaces “eat” the interior. So if that is your case and you like dining room chandelier ideas, you should choose for a small renovate style. Finally, for lovers of classical, decorative fusion or recovery of elements of the past. We show you some interior images decorated with classic chandeliers for your inspiration.

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