Cute Corner Book Shelves In Order

Build Corner Book Shelves

I am an addict to books , especially those of design, decoration and architecture , I recognize that one of things that overwhelms me to live in a small house is not having enough space to place them. As well as books big always looking for hollow where there is not. As we said on another occasion, corner book shelves are often meters of valuable space that if we do not have a good decoration. Or location of our decorative objects, unfortunately they are lost.  To make most of them. In those complicated spaces like corners we suggest. Set up a bookstore there, which is an excellent option that will allow you to gain capacity in environment, saving limitations of this type of spaces.

Most common is to place a shelf along a wall, covering entire surface from top to bottom to have more capacity. Or put two or three shelves in bottom. And so take advantage of last as a base to support other decorative objects. Or tables or mirrors that will visually bring amplitude to room. Placing a bookcase or corner book shelves of living room is often useful for storing some of your belongings. But also decorative items. Of course, choose a model that combines with rest of furniture. And do not overcharge it to not project a negative image.

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We can embed between two columns a large DM library , which can go from one wall to other completely. But without occupying visible space. But offering us a great capacity to store and store everything we need, books, CDs, DVDs, etc. In front of it to overload space we must put smaller pieces that fit space we have available. Without falling into excesses of a sofa two bodies. Some line in same upholstery seats or a couple of chairs of design reach to recreate a space that invites to reading, neat and very welcoming.

If you have a small living room, it is a good idea to put one of these corner book shelves on a wall, putting sofa in front of it to save space. Obviously, bookstore should have shelves from where ends top of sofa to not have all that wasted space. From there up, higher better since you can store many things. But be careful not to overload it too since it would not fit. Do not forget that if it is too structural, we may prefer pieces of rounded terminations. Which do not recharge spaces so much visually.

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