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Commercial Kitchen Storage Furniture

The kitchen is the space that more objects and accessories have of the whole house. Unlike the rest of the other rooms, the kitchen is a “work” space. And like every good place to work, the most important thing is organization and order, and more so if we consider that most of the kitchens are rather small. That is why it is essential to redouble the ingenuity to take advantage of any gap to our benefit. So having this premise in mind, today we have prepared ingenious ideas to organize kitchen storage furniture and keep it always well. Let’s see them. Take advantage of the walls. If we lack space and places to store things inside the kitchen and we have the walls without taking advantage, we are doing a little the cinnamon.

To fill the walls of bars, hooks and shelves to save and organize everything would be a great success. These types of supports can be found in hardware stores, DIY and decoration stores, department stores and even the Chinese of a lifetime. Spices ordered and in place. I have seen kitchens with more spice jars than some restaurants. And if we do not have a specific site for them, they can really be a nuisance. We can use spices, drawers, cabinets, kitchen storage furniture ideas and everything we can think of to store the spices.

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Lids of pots and pans always kept and organized. The pot lids are also another of those items that bothers a lot in the kitchen. But with a little ingenuity we can have them always organized and kept without bothering. then, Well-used pantries. If we have a pantry in the kitchen, we must maximize its space to take full advantage of it. Install shelves, drawers, baskets … anything goes. Also, The countertop cleared. Even if everything is well stored in your cupboards. If when we enter the kitchen we see the whole counter fill with objects. It will look messy and crowded and actually it is.

To solve this we can make use of trays, baskets and boxes to have all the objects in one place. You can also take advantage of the interior of the closet doors. If the structure and design of the cabinets allows us. Taking advantage of the interior of their doors will give us an advantage in the fight against disorder. Another kitchen storage furniture space that we can take advantage of to keep the kitchen at bay is the furniture under the sink. They do not have to be all messy cleaners. With bars, boxes, baskets and a correct planning we will have everything at hand.Kitchen storage,

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