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Bed Wildon Home Furniture Website

Open game! What is going to take this 2017 on the ground deco? Nobody better to get us out of doubts than the experts in the sector. Wlways attentive to trends seen in fairs, magazines, wildon home furniture websites, and catalogs. From their answers we have drawn trends that everything suggests that they will petar. The total white is disappearing, giving way to more sober and intimate spaces. The new catalogs opt for walls of dark colors, especially green and blue (even in kitchen and bathroom tiling). Then combine with natural wood furniture and black iron finish

We are tell that in order to neutralize the strength of these colors and materials. The glass, the printed fabrics and soft colors. And above all, the elements related to nature and vegetation continue to take force. It started with some hanging pot hangers and has been extend to other decorative items. The crochet is coming on strong and will be very present in our houses this season. The last to arrive are the decorative wall crochet pendants, the hammocks and the cushions. As a novelty, the knitted pieces incorporate different wildon home furniture website. Thenmixing in the same product different braids, fringes and tassels.

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The velvet returns with force and, above all, wearing sofas and armchairs. In any color and for any type of shape and design. This type of fabric brings a very chic and tasteful touch to two of the pieces for relaxation par excellence. “It is ideal to combine with noble materials such as marble and metallic (copper, brass …). And in its most striking tones perfectly blended with furniture and contemporary decorations. This year, the eco trend is strongly enforce. The natural fabrics, the green and the vegetal prints, until tropical. It will flood all the spaces contributing that balance that we like so much between the casual and the sophisticated.

Also the textures of the different fabrics – such as linen, ratan, and cotton. And then pieces of handicraft will become very important in the decoration. The mixture of shades and finishes is couple with the use of certain construction materials. Then the great trend of this year. The marble, the granite and even the terrazzo come back under a new more modern vision that tries to enhance all its decorative possibilities. In this respect, I have a special devotion to the work done by Fiona Lynch’s design studio. Which mixes and even overlaps all types of materials in the same piece of wildon home furniture website, incorporating brass, wood or leather finishes

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